Is it time to dethrone the King of Cool?
Have men like Steve McQueen turned ‘cool’ into a four letter word? The actor defined the concept of cool in his heyday but does it hold up in a modern-day context today? We’re indebted to McQueen for his contributions to...
London Framed: The Long Good Friday (1980)
The first in a series that explores London’s role in cinema, and how its streets and skyscrapers have set the scene for so many iconic movies, we begin with The Long Good Friday (1980) which is widely regarded as the...
Original Sounds: London Edition Vol.2.
Curated by our Creative Director Mark Brown, the second volume of Original Sounds: London Edition is an exploration of the city’s notorious tribes and subcultures and the mix mash of beats and melodies that kept them blending and moving. There’s...
The Optical Collection: Designed For Big Ideas
We’re pleased to unveil The Optical Collection, which consists of seven new styles of frame that are inspired by a trio of trailblazers from the Golden Age of Advertising. The most personal collection to date for us, this connects us...
Original Sounds: London Edition Vol.1.
Original Sounds: London Edition Vol. 1. takes you on a nostalgia-inducing, sonic tour of the cobbled, secret-strewn streets of the Big Smoke, and in doing so pays recognition to the places and faces that cemented it as the world’s music,...
The Erno – A Modernist Story of Espionage
This is the story behind the Erno, which is in our Handcrafted collection that ties into the progressive nature of one of London’s foremost architects and his relationship with Ian Fleming. Within the imperious shadow of Trellick Tower, the Brutalist...
In Focus: Have You Tried Pink Lenses?

We’re all for pink lenses at Kirk Originals, both for its merits in enhancing vision and also for the confident look they give off. Have you ever tried them before? Perhaps now is the time...

Oliver Rowland x Kirk Originals
Kirk Originals has partnered with British Nissan e.dams Formula E driver Oliver Rowland ahead of the 2019/20 season. We’re collaborating with Oliver, one of the most exciting drivers in ABB Formula E series, to showcase our range of Made In England eyewear.
A Notorious Return
25 years on from his appearance at Glastonbury wearing his favourite pair of Kirk Originals, Liam Gallagher returned to the iconic Pyramid Stage.
A Champion in Sunglasses
Very few professional tennis players wear sunglasses on court. Even fewer win Wimbledon wearing shades. But Jaroslav Drobný was no ordinary player.
Q&A with Charlie Gray
We sit down with the renowned photographer and friend of the brand to discuss his recent work and style inspirations.
Man About Town: Henry Hales
Introducing the latest profile in our London Life series. Henry Hales reveals the story behind his brand SIRPLUS and what makes him tick.