In Focus: Have You Tried Pink Lenses?

While pink has had something of a renaissance in menswear over the last few years, when it comes to eyewear it’s often skipped past in the lens tray during the design process despite its benefits for your vision and look. Call it pink. Call it salmon, fuchsia, or even rosè, we’re all for it at Kirk Originals, and that’s evident with our Kirven, Blake and Watts models from our Seasonal collection.

Now, we’ll come out and say what you might already be thinking. These frames aren’t so much the go-to pairs for each and every day, however, you’d be surprised given what pink lenses can do for you. From improving visual depth, reducing eye-straining, providing good road visibility, and finally offering the greatest amount of contrast in sunny, cloudy and, dare we say it, snowy conditions, pink lenses have medically proven vision-enhancing benefits.

From a style perspective, though, wearing frames fitted with pink lenses are a striking but subtle way to get in on the action on this so-called trend, especially when they’ve been graduated. We believe that wearing pink lenses is a sign that you know what you’re doing and what you’re going for. This is because there’s an undeniable air of confidence that comes with wearing them that’s equally appealing and intriguing.

We source our lenses from the pioneering company Divel Italia, which is a family-owned business founded in 1950 from Bologna. They’re not made from glass, mind you, which is a misconception some make today about eyewear and lenses. Glass is simply too heavy and impractical – it’s prone to scratching and shattering. Our lenses are instead made from CR-39, which is a plastic polymer that’s half the weight of glass and provide excellent visual clarity. They’re then treated with 100% UV protection as a finishing but crucial touch.

Both the Kirven (as worn by Mark Ronson and Fred Castleberry) and Jones models have clear acetate frames, which when met with the pink graduated lenses gives them a gold-hue that’s particularly handsome. Meanwhile, the Blake model has green acetate frames that add a starker, more bold contrast. Handfinished in our workshop in England, all three pairs’ frames have a thick 8mm front, which provides weight and is a mark of premium workmanship, while the sides are 6mm. It’s these kinds of small design details that we feel makes us stand out from the rest of the competition when it comes to quality eyewear.

Not getting enough attention with your current pair of sunglasses? Why not give pink a try.