The Kirk Originals London soundtrack captures the atmosphere of summer in the city, looking good in sunglasses as the sun shines on city streets. From Chelsea, to Brixton, and back across Waterloo Bridge to The Strand the boys keep swinging, getting what they want, fallling in love with love, with London, with life.

The soundtrack features The Rollling Stones, Oasis and The Smiths with Mick Jagger, Noel Gallagher, Liam Gallagher, Paul Weller and Morrisey all men who have worn Kirk Originals.

Buffalo Girl Neneh Cherry represents the West London tribe, alongside Don Letts, legendary Roxy club DJ, the legendary punk rock club where he played reggae in between the bands, who took the Westway to the world with B.A.D. and The Young Disciples who took the Road to Freedom. Nenah Cherry, Don Letts and The Young Disciples all wore Kirk Originals.

A young Marc Bolan in early sixties Stamford Hill, to a suited and booted seventies Michael Caine, to Bromley boy Bowie, Kirk Originals find inspiration on the streets of London.

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