Rory Corr, an architect at 6a architects, chose London’s Tate Modern as a location for the first in a new photographic series by Kirk Originals.

Corr, a relative newcomer to the city originally from Monaghan in Ireland describes why this piece of iconic architecture, housing one of the best modern art collections in the world, inspires him.

“In 2000 when I was 12 or 13 the Tate Modern was built by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron of Herzog & de Meuron of my mind the standard bearers for a global architecture practice.”

“Every early trip to London involved a visit to the Tate Modern and nigh-on every idea about what a cultural building should be begins from there.”

“It has been a constant throughout my years of thinking about art and architecture.”

“I chose Tate Modern because I think it’s the number one example of London as a cultural powerhouse, the reason talented people come to the city, thrive and make it their home.”

Photography by Aitor Santome

Frames by Kirk Originals, Genoa | Smokey Grey

Tate Modern

6a Architects

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