Introducing the latest profile in our London Life series. Anjola Onifade discusses his work as a doctor and his favourite spots in the capital.

What are you working on at the moment?
I’m currently on a cardiology rotation as a newly qualified doctor at Poole General Hospital which involves looking after patients admitted for heart related problems. A standard day would either involve seeing patients in the morning ward round with a senior doctor, otherwise I’d do that myself and ask any outstanding questions.

Where’s home?
I’d like to still consider Abuja, Nigeria as home because I grew up there but I’m slowly accepting the reality of London as my new home because most of my time is spent here. The 2 cities are such contrasts and I love experiencing the diversity of both.

Recommend your favourite London spot?
Soho is my favourite spot in London as I always stumble across new places, whether it’s a store that has caught my attention with a fashion item, a cafe with cool vibes or a decent bar – Hovarda on Rupert Street is currently top of the list.

How do you switch off?
I live opposite Hyde Park and waking up to the site of trees in the centre of London is pretty good for the mind. A lot of my daily activities revolve around the park, whether I’m reading a book/running/cycling or just people watching. Also short holidays or a visit back to Nigeria are often sources of joy. 

If you had the power to change one thing about London, what would it be?
Pollution in the city has got to be top of the agenda. The government seems to be heading in the right direction with the ultra low emission zone but we’re still very far from where we need to be. From a medical perspective it’s crucial we sort this for future (and current!) generations.

What does the future hold for you?
My future aspirations have always changed and will continue to be in flux as I progress with my training. Currently I’ve set my mind on becoming a surgeon – don’t ask me what type but I really enjoyed my surgical rotation and could envision following some of the surgeons I’ve met.