To coincide with the reopening of the iconic Hayward Gallery on Londons South Bank, Kirk Originals’ recommendation for this week is the solo show of famed German Photographer Andreas Gursky.

If you’re not familiar with the name, you may be familiar with his record breaking Rhine II photograph from 1999, which sold at Christie’s in New York – then the most expensive photograph ever sold at auction.

As a graduate of the prestigious and highly influential Dusseldorf School of Photography, Gurskys work looks at the world in a purely objective manner with a focus on technical perfection and composition.

This exhibition is the artists first major UK retrospective, and explores subjects like global economy, consumerism and day to day life. Captured in locations all around the world, the huge prints challenge the limits of normal human perception and capture more than the eye can see.

Hectic and bustling scenes are shot from distance and elevation. The resulting prints are rendered in perfect focus, stillness and clarity with seemingly infinite amounts of detail to get lost in. This democratic and detached way of photographing was pioneered by Dusseldorf School founders and tutors, Bernd and Hilla Becher. At the time it presented a completely new idea; returning to photography in it’s simplest form, as documentation. Gursky describes this as the ‘pure joy of seeing’ and any interpretation is left to you as the viewer. Believe us, there is a lot to see.

Why not hit the Hayward Gallery and South Bank in directional style wearing a pair of Kirk Originals Made in England sunglasses?