Aitor Santomé, lives and works in London as a photographer.

I grew up in a very small town in Galicia (Spain), so fashion wasn’t really a “thing” there, I used to buy magazines every month and dream to be in their pages, that’s why I decided I wanted to be a fashion photographer.

A male model in a field with trees and grass standing wearing a sleeping bag in black and white.A model standing wearing a fur jacket, dungarees, black shoes, bare chested with his face painted. The letters R and W are painted on the knees of the overalls.

After studying image in my home town, I’ve moved to Madrid to do an internship in a photo studio. 

It was there where I really learned all the processes to create an image and experience the insides of a fashion photoshoot.

A female model with breasts shown wearing large black and gold earrings. Model has purple lipstick and a gold shimmer eyeshadow. Heavily contoured cheek bones.A male model standing outside a stable door wearing striped trousers, loafers, a beige jackets, beige knitted jumper and brown 50's style shirt. The model has wavy light brown hair and stands with his hand on his hip.


 One of the last projects I worked on there was with the great Mario Testino, and it was back then when he asked me to work for him, of course I didn’t think twice and a few months later I moved to London where I’m still currently based.
I get inspired by pretty much everything around me, from places to people, clothes, art, culture…


I think I’m privileged to be able to live in a city like London, full of young creatives and lots of possibilities. There’s always something going on.

A male model standing on a country road with trees wearing a blue tailored suit and black shoes.A male model wearing a white blazer, green trousers and pattern shirt with neck tie.

I’ve been very lucky to have the opportunity to photograph incredible people. It is hard to pick a favourite, everyone has something special, interesting… no matter if it’s a model, a celebrity or just a friend. It’s amazing what you can capture with a camera!

A red haired male model wearing a red checked shirt and apron, smiling with his bum showing.A female model standing in the window light wearing a large black fedora and poncho.

I think I can’t pick a particular location either, every place can be magic depending of what you want to create with your pictures.
I love London as it is, the mix of old and new, the streets, the parks… everything has a very interesting vibe.

France, Italy, Spain… every place is amazing on it’s own! I feel blessed to have the opportunity to travel with my job and shoot in great locations around the world.

Photography by Aitor Santomé
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