I’m inspired primarily and in no particular order by people, food & drink, art and travel – the elements of which memories and experience are composed. It is possible to learn relatively quickly principles and ‘how to do’ things, but it takes a lot of time and an inquisitive approach to life to have the experiences, both good and bad, which define the individual and an original vision.

Hands writing on a notepad, showing typography with a candle and mens designer sunglasses in black.Man standing in front of a book shelf with books, a camera and wine bottle holding mens sunglasses and wearing a designer watch.

I have just finished reading Plot 29 by Allan Jenkins, an extraordinarily compelling and honest memoir. About to tackle Six Four by Hideo Yokoyama – a Japanese crime novel.

For visual inspiration I’m captivated by Rome – William Klein. His iconic 1959 photographic reportage of the eternal city. One day I hope to afford New York and Tokyo to complete the set and I’m smiling with Saul Steinberg’s All in Line a compilation of his drawn observations on life.

Rome by Willian Klein on a desk with mens designer sunglasses in black.A man sitting at a desk reading a book in front of a bookshelf with mens designer sunglasses on the desk.

The most recent book I acquired was African Ceremonies by Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith.

In today’s digital age are books still important, more so than ever. The holding and reading of a book is very satisfying, it’s tangible and always there at your side, in your bag or on a shelf.

Man standing reading a book within a home interior in front of a desk with books, plants and mens sunglasses.Designer glasses on a desk with a typewriter, black leather book and espresso cup.

The book is a testament elevating it’s subject, whether written or visual, to a level which means you are more likely to treasure it. A beautiful, eye-catching book cover in turn helps gives the author an identity and speaks to its reader.

Books also convey a person’s personality like the clothes they wear, the food they eat or places they visit. If everything was hidden behind a screen the world would be a mightily dull place!

Man standing in his office looking out the window with a large full bookshelf behind him.

In London I have many favourite bookshops. For fiction (and cook books), I love both the Primrose Hill Bookshop and John Sandoe Books. For visual books, Artwords on Broadway Market or in Rivington Street have a very well curated selection. As do Claire de Rouen at 125 Charing Cross Road and Koenig on the same road.
Online (and not strictly speaking London) there is of course ideanow.online and counter-print.co.uk for those out of print books.